Please give 1 MINUTE of your time to help the children of our community.

Please answer these 5 simple questions and help us evaluate the need and potential of Kids Trust services.

1. Do you feel that professional support or counselling would help children who are going through a family or personal crisis?

yes no Don't Know

2. Do you think that professional support or counselling, sensitive to Jewish needs, would be an advantage?

yes no Don't Know

3. Do you know a local counselling service that understands Jewish needs?

yes no Don't Know

4. Do you know of children in the community who are going through crisis, e.g problems with family or school, illegal drug use, or other issues?

None 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 20+

5. Is there enough information for Jewish children in Crisis?

yes no Don't Know

Please can you tell us something about yourself
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Educator Parent Teenager Student

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