Success Stories
Learning Difficulties

TW is the youngest of a large, well known community family. She had always felt misunderstood by her parents and most of her siblings. Her learning difficulties were never properly addressed, this led to an adolescence of rebelliousness and confusion. Kids Trust taught TW that she has great reserves of potential and is actually a real ‘star’. TW is now studying in further education and plans to be a teacher…

Abuse and Molestation

CB is a 15 year old who was referred to Kids Trust by his teacher due to his behavioural problems, both in school and at home. After several sessions with one of our counsellors there has been a noticeable improvement all round. It was discovered that CB has allegedly abused and raped his sisters. The boy has been removed from the home. Kids Trust is now supporting the whole family.

Drug Addiction

KM comes from a troubled family and never succeeded in school. His parents were insistent that he attend mainstream schools. As a result KM ‘floated’ from one school to another – never to succeed. KM found solace in heavy drug use. Despite being in rehab numerous times, KM always went back to his old habits because he saw no better choice. Kids Trust helped KM realize that real living is when one is in control of his own life and destiny. KM now has his own family and is on the road to becoming a successful businessman.


RR lives with his parents and holds down a good job. RR was also a compulsive gambler. Kids Trust has helped RR gain control of his life. Now his wages are held by a third party to ensure that they are not squandered at the casino. RR realizes that this is only a small step towards recovery and with the encouragement of Kids Trust RR now attends GA (Gamblers Anonymous) regularly.

Mental Health, Suicide, Depression etc...

BL is 15 and suffered from moderate depression. There have also been times that BL has ‘seen and heard’ things that he can’t explain. It emerged that there is no marital harmony in BL’s house and there have been cases of incest amongst his siblings. Kids Trust has helped BL realize that it is, first and foremost, his obligation to take control of his own life and to address his unhealthy relationships with his parents. Through our support BL is not ‘seeing or hearing’ strange voices anymore and is now studying away from home.

General Support

GL was adopted at birth. Her parents, though well-meaning, lack the parenting skills to deal with a challenging teenager. Kids Trust has been working with GL and her parents to help them reach ‘common ground’ and have literally saved this family from despair at this crucial junction in their lives.

DH’s parents converted to Judaism before she was born. Being that they lacked the skills to convey the beauty of ‘Judaism’ to their children, most have rebelled and left their chosen path. DH who is a sensitive soul, had the greatest inner conflict, to follow her siblings example, breaking her parents hearts or to follow a path she did not understand. Kids Trust has really helped DH ‘find her way’ – she is now studying in the USA.


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